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December 14, 2010
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Winter Fun by Fire-Flame-Fan Winter Fun by Fire-Flame-Fan
//critique plz ^^//

I've... I've done it...
FINALLY :faint:
I was working on it for AGES :noes:
:iconletter-hplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-pplz::iconletter-pplz::iconletter-yplz: ____ :iconletter-xplz::iconletter-mplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-splz:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most detailed BG I've ever done >.> It's all because I've done sketch on PAPER and then scan it ('cuz I finally got scaneer, WOOO! :dummy:) and then do all the stuff on computer; and because on paper I still think that BG is blank, so I keep add things on it, just add add add.
Fff, those all trees killed my hand :dead: I need a break now xD
Its so freaking STRANGE to do >.>
I wasn't sure, should I do white on one layer and then shades on second third etc. or should I just do it on one layer all, or should I do new layer for every part... :noes: I've done it in this first way :XD:
Soo, here you got Flame (because I wasn't drawing him ATM and he felt depressed and lonely. BTW it's really nice piccy to him, isn't it? >w>)
And Siliana ('cuz I had to put someone here :B)
And Kento (because I wanted to draw him so freaking muchly since a moth now, and it's awesome chara *3* I loved to draw him >w>
And Miranda (it's gifty-suprisy-thingy for Dragona :lol:)

I got a game for ya >w> Try to find all FOUR snowmans! :dummy: yea, I love to put some strange useless details ._.
This shading style... just WOW :O I finally did the shades right! :D It's dark enough ^^
Also, I tryed some experiments with colouring, to make it look moar night-alike and everything, and IT WORKED! 8D Nao, you CAN see it's night yea? And not only because of sky :la:

And OMG look at this moon O3O I've done it all by myself :la: I tryed to look for tutorial, but I didn't found one (T.T) so I tryed by myself :noes: AND it's not as hard as I though! I finally like my BG... WOOOO LET'S DO TEH PARTY!! 8D :icondummydanceplz:
Look! It's Santa Claus! 8D This motive came to my mind while drawing it on paper, and then I almost forgot to add it on computer. It would be less-cool pic without it ;w;
Fff, it's still not the pic I imagined to do one day.
But it looks EXACLY like I imagined it when I started to draw, so I am friggin' happy :la::la::la:

I wrote enough >w>''
Hope ya like it! 8D

and oh look I've got my own watemark now! 8D I've done it accidentally xDDD

:bulletblue: Adobe Photoshop CS4 & Medion's tablet
:bulletgreen: Duuudeee, it took about 18 hours. Yea, 18 friggin hours of work :noes: But it was fun to do ^^ Only part I hated was this forest. After about hour of doing trees I started to copy and paaste paste paste trees xDD

Kento (c) ~xXgunderXx
Miranda (c) ~Dragonaxxx
Flame (c) Sierra
Siliana and art (c) =Fire-Flame-Fan / me :P

Please respect my work and all those hours I put on it, and do NOT use it without asking me/Dragona/Malou first. Thank you :3
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HI fff =3 here is my critique

you dud a good work with this and may it is your best
especialy the anatomy and the snow who you did is really great
the faces from silbi kento miranda and flame are epic win XDDD
poor flame
well i like a lot the snow with those colors and the glow from mirandas marks are great to =3
the trees they coul have been more worked but you let the so and its your style so i dont say anything ^^
The eyes are epic to the glow,they look like they are real eyes soooooooo
i like to the santa claus on ths sky

well this was everything XDDD seya!!!
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This is a lovely piece - the shading, especially on the dragon characters - is very well done. The snow looks very realistic, which is always a good thing!

Vision : I love snowy scenes, and you have done a good job here. The snow looks soft and crunchy. I think you could have made the trees that are closer to the front a little more detailed, but that's just me. The glow of the moon and the street lamp is a nice touch too.

Originality : The scene isn't amazingly original in my opinion, but that doesn't really matter too much. Having the dragons in the snow is an unfamiliar twist.

Technique : I like how you shaded it all the best. Gives the picture more of a texture. Maybe it would have looked a little bit more realistic if you had drawn scales on the dragons, to give them more of a reptilian appearance.

Impact : Overall, I think this is a pretty snow scene, but it could be made better by adding more detail to the main focus (the dragons).
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.

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Doomre Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist
next to flame, behind the house, on the right of the house and two trees over, next to santa in front of the moon! Anyways this is an amazing picture! FAVED! Why u bein mean to Flame!? :cries:
Great joooob ;D
Thanks alot ;w;
It's not me D: It's these dragons being mean to him ! XD
nice job and I think I found all four snowmen, one is next to Flame, one is just a few feet away frome everyone and it has a broom, one is in the bachground just next two the two trees right of the house, and last one is on the left of the house but the house covers most of it.
Thanks and yeah, you've got them all 8D Good job~
Your welcome, :) and thank you. :)
brandontherealspyro Sep 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Three snowmen... the fourth is Flame?
small-purple-dragon Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im going to say there's 3 1/2 snow men

epic drawing that night feeling is truly awesome and all there expressions are great and great job with the eyes and even if you did copy and past I couldn't have told they all look difFferent and very nice shadowing

Miranda's and Siliana's smiles are just amazing makes me smile :D

I put three f's on purpose if you noticed in different ^-^
Hahah XD Imagine rest of 4th one :P

Thanks a lot x3 But I wasn't copying and pasting anything o_o;;

Hah |D DiF-F-Ferent :XD:
small-purple-dragon Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O my bad for saying thought you said some thing about that in your description sorry
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